September 4, 2020 @ 7:00 am – September 7, 2020 @ 7:00 pm



109 Dickenson St
Saint Ignace, MI US 49781

I created some Virtual Races to spread the word and hopefully awareness about the options in genetic testing and how it can SAVE LIVES. You can run/walk your race anytime and anywhere.  Here is why I have a calling to do this.

Hi, My name is Amy and I have had quite a year!  After testing positive for the CHD1 gene, which causes stomach and breast cancer, I set out on a quite a journey.  In the process of getting ready for a complete gastrectomy and double mastectomy we discovered that I actually already had breast cancer.  (An undetectable type that would not otherwise have been discovered, even with my yearly mammograms and breast exams etc.)  After a lumpectomy, a gastrectomy, double mastectomies, and removal of additional lymph nodes removed, it was confirmed the cancer had spread.  I then underwent Chemotherapy followed by Radiation.

One of my sisters also has CDH1, hers was caught earlier than mine.  Thanks Sis for PAYING ATTENTION to our family history.  This is what is driving my mission.  If I had know genetic testing was a simple option a couple of years earlier,  my journey would have been quite different and we could have caught things before they spread.  Worse yet, a couple more years without the findings I likely would not be here typing this at all.

I have been a runner for quite a few years now.  Running and Walking has always been like therapy for me.   My Goal is to run an actual 1/2 Marathon this Labor Day Weekend.  (If I do, it will be my first.)

All proceeds from these races will benefit Genetic Testing Awareness and potentially SAVE LIVES!