Images of America: St. Ignace Car Culture – Collector’s Edition!

November 19th, 2018


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Images of America: St. Ignace Car Culture – Collector’s Edition!

St. Ignace hosted its first car show in 1976 as part of the bicentennial celebration. Over the years, the annual gathering has grown into one of the largest collector-vehicle events in the country. This lakeside community overlooking the mighty Mackinac Bridge and historic Mackinac Island boasts a spectacular waterfront – the perfect backdrop for a stunning array of eye-catching vehicles. In the early years, media referred to this show as “dessert.” As the numbers of participants and attendees grew, it became known as the “main course.” For teenagers growing up in the 1950s it was all new–cruisin’, drive-ins, drag strips, the country’s intense love affair with the automobile, and the birth of rock ‘n roll. Over 34 years, the St. Ignace Car Show has brought hundreds of automotive legends to town, and car-show traffic set crossing records on the Mackinac Bridge that are unlikely ever to be broken. So fire up the hot rod and cruise back to a simpler time . . . all these cars and still no traffic light!

Collector’s Edition includes autographed copy of St. Ignace Car Culture book and a vinyl record of the song “Wheels, Wheels, Wheels” written specifically for the 1986 car show by Tom Durden (writer of Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel).

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