Outdoor Adventures

Trails of Adventure!

BikingYou will find that St. Ignace and the surrounding area is unsurpassed for the quality and quantity of trails for hiking and mountain biking.

Some trails lead you through majestic forests of northern white cedar, aspen, pine and northern hardwoods. Others wind their way along the awesome Lake Michigan shoreline.

The St. Ignace segment of the North Country Trail (a National Scenic Hiking Trail), extends from Lakes Huron and Michigan to Lake Superior through 88 miles of the Hiawatha National Forest. The trail goes through wetlands, sand dunes, and dense forests. Chances are, you’ll see many of the wild birds and animals that make the Upper Peninsula their favored habitat.

The St. Ignace area is also the perfect place to put your off-road vehicle through its paces. Motorized vehicles that are not “street legal” but State registered or licenses as ATV’s can operate on all Hiawatha National Forest Systems roads that are opened to ATV use unless designated closed. The rugged beauty you’ll find here is just waiting to be explored!

State and National Lands

Bicycles are permitted on all Michigan highways and roads, EXCEPT limited access freeways or unless otherwise posted. Bicycles are allowed on all road systems including those in State Forests, State Parks, National Forests, and National Parks. All-terrain bicycles are suited for many of the state and national trails.

National Forest Trails

Bicycles are allowed on National Forest Trails except where posted. Prohibited trails include portions of the North Country National Scenic Trail – Ottawa and Hiawatha National Forest. Bicycles are also prohibited in congressionally designated Wilderness areas. National Forest maps are available at each Forest Service office. For further information, call the Hiawatha National Firest, (906) 643-7900, or the Chamber of Commerce at (800) 970-8717 for a detailed written description.

North Country Trail

Bicycles are NOT allowed. This national scenic trail will extend from New York to North Dakota. Approximately 35 miles of the trail lies within the St. Ignace District. The trail is for hikers, snowshoes and cross country skiing. No horses or motorized vehicles are allowed.